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Bada Health Centre is a famous centre for bioresonance in Sweden. We are located in Varmland, surrounded by woods and fields, next to river Bada and a short walk from lake Frieken, one of the deepest lakes in the country. We will tailor a specific programme to your unique needs so that when you leave you will have a balanced body and a balanced mind, the most important foundations for good health. If you are coming from far away, we have nice rooms you can stay in for the duration of your stay.

Bioresonance: the future of medicine

Using bioresonance we are able to measure the electromagnetic frequencies present in the physical body of a human being. Every cell, every tissue and every organ have their own specific frequency. If you are in perfect health, there will only be these frequencies present in your body. A disharmonious frequency could be introduced by a bacteria, fungus, virus, protozoa, helminth, heavy metal, radiation, pollution, damaged cell etc. If we detect disharmonious frequencies in the body we are able to correct them. The device we use is able to diagnose and use in a treatment, over 30,000 different frequencies; from specific virus and bacteria to homeopathic and allopathic medicines.

We also measure bioelectromagnetic pathways flowing through the body. These pathways are called meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To do this we use a programme called a Fleet Test. These meridians provide every cell and every organ with the vital information they need to function properly. If we detect the under functioning or over functioning of a particular meridian we are able to correct this and help restore energetic balance to the body. If a meridian is blocked, the organ it is responsible for is likely to develop a disease.

Bada Health Centre – the road to a healthier life


Bioresonance = Dialysis Treatment of Disharmonius Frequencies

Dialysis is used when the kidneys can no longer purify the blood. Hospitals then use a dialysis machine to remove bood from the human body, clean it and return it to the patient.

During a bioresonance treatment, we are able to measure and remove disharmonius frequencies from the body, invert them to create a mirror image and then send back the mirror image frequency into the body. When a disharmonius frequency comes face to face with its mirror image it can be cancelled out or it will return to a healthy frequency in tune with the human body.

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