Bada Method

The Bada method is a unique health program based on the most cutting edge technology in bioresonance.

The Bada Method includes:

• Increased accuracy in the analaysis of health.

• Potential diseases can be detected and treated before their symptoms manifest.

• Diseases can be treated without side effects or drugs.

• Prevent illness.

The Bada method was created by Dan Persson at Bada Health Center, Varmland. It is a revolutionary program in wellness and preventative healthcare.

Dan Persson is a certified therapist in Electropuncture and Diagnostic Informotherapy at the Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine in Kiev, Ukraine. Dan Persson is also a certified HSE “Human Software Engineer” (Stressolog and Human Engineering).

After completing your training in the Bada method, you will be a certified bioresonance therapist on the following technologies:

1. ATM Express diagnostic analysis and bioresonance therapy


3. Bioswing

4. Vibroacoutic Revitalization Chair

5. Brain Harmoniser

Then you have the right to market your clinic as certified to perform the Bada method, including ATM express.

After you complete training in the Bada method you will become a member of the network of therapists who have access to support from the Bada Institute and from other therapists in the network.

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