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Burn Out and intestinal problems:

The past few years have been tough, strength and energy ran out, so we ended up having to sell our house and liquidate our company … My husband got prostate cancer with all that implies. It became operational, move and restart. Could not unpack, go on will work two days a week. Nothing is fun, just heavy. Sore everywhere, porridge in the head, sad and dejected. Dryers eventually barely get out of bed in the morning.

I’ll call Dan Persson at Bada wellness. I was getting pretty promptly. I go to Torsby for 5 days of treatment with Bioresonance. Any body has gone down for the count, it looks bad, bowel leak so no nutrients are taken up (the intestinal mucosa was leaking so that toxins from entering the cells). I have malnutrition even though I eat a lot of supplements and I like myself, good food. Fruit and vegetables, mostly organic and REQUIREMENTS. I am totally burned out.

I get two hours of treatment with bioresonance every day for five days. No pills besides a jar of glutamine to heal the gut that is leaking like a sieve.

When I go home, I feel that life has returned. Now, two weeks later, I have an energy and feeling in my body that I have not felt in many years. I got my life back in five days, is not it amazing!

Thanks Dan.

Agneta Bentsen, Motala

Work Related Stress, swollen stomach, muscle deteriation:

Siw’s medical history from summer 2000 to spring 2011:

I was diagnosed with WORK-RELATED STRESS in the summer of 2000. I was then sick for a year and a half. Totally decrepit and sleeping in bed. Samples were taken and nothing was found except low levels of vitamin B12, however there was no improvement after a number of vitamin B12 injections.

I returned to work for a year and three months then the same thing happened again. New samples were taken although nothing showed up that could be causing the problem. My decrepit condition continued and I slept a lot. The only help I got was weekly contact with a behavioral psychologist, which in itself was rewarding, but it did not solve my problems. My sickness continued.

The months turned into years. I agreed to try antidepressants because the doctor said that was the only thing he could offer, he had no other suggestions. I tried this for 9 months, there was no improvement and no deterioration. The doctor decided that I should continue using them as my treatment. I realized that I had to find help myself, which is not the easiest thing to do when you are down for the count and bed-ridden.

I did a HAIR ANALYSIS and was obviously in need of a lot of vitamins and minerals. I ate quite large amounts of the recommended vitamins and minerals for about 6-9 months. This gave me a temporary increase in health, but then it fell back down.

I had contact with a STRESS COACH for mental training and hypnosis. This gave me a brief improvement, but nothing permanent.

I attended a CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY, with no long term improvement.

I got REIKI healing to no avail.

I did a DRY BLOOD ANALYSIS which demonstrated my need for vitamins and glutamine. This gave me an improvement that lasted a few months and then I fall back to the general weakness again.

I contacted a HOMEOPATH that resulted in brief periods of improvement, but nothing permanent.

I was also having MASSAGE therapy and meditating throughout the period of illness.

I had problems with a swollen belly which escalated throughout the illness. This swollen belly became, if possible, an even bigger problem than the muscular deteriation.

I was recommended to contact Dan Persson at BADA HEALTH CENTER where I got my first treatment in early April 2011. The day after this I was on my feet but still had little energy. I received seven more treatments for my muscular dteriation and three treatments for the swollen stomach. I know now that I am on the road to health as I train lightly and walk. The stomach is also quite good and I can wear ordinary clothes (without an elastic waist) again.

The fact that I feel this good after 10 treatments is still hard to take in when I was bedridden for most of the past 11 years. At the time of writing, it has been 13 weeks since the first treatment and I feel fantastic. I have my life back.

A now healthy Siw


I was a stressed and anxious person who suffered from fatigue, allergy and negative thoughts. Treatment with HCNI has made me more alert and the vibroacoustic chair has made me relaxed and calm. The allergy is gone.

Thanks Eva and Dan
Lena, 32 years old, Sunne


I have had problems with constipation for several years. Often I would go 3-5 days between bowel movements. After spending a weekend at Bada Health Centre, my stomach is well again.
Mary, 31 years old, Gothenburg

Feeling better:

Thank you for the wonderful time in Bada. Thanks for all the help and personal care and warmth.

I feel so good!
Ulla, Sandviken

Smoking Cessation:

I have had many problems with quitting smoking. After a few treatments with Dan in Bada, I have now stopped smoking without any major difficulties.

Linda, 40 years old, Karlstad, Sweden

Tennis elbow:

After a long time cutting firewood, I got tennis elbow. After being treated one time at Bada Health Centre the pain disappeared completely. Before that I had received several cortisone injections without any improvement.

With thanks,
Johan, 72 years old, Wedge

Circulation Problems:

I have had pain with my circulation for about 20 years. It has particularly affected my legs and feet. This has resulted in me constantly feeling frozen in the winter. Regardless of how I dressed, my feet would be freezing cold when I skied and was outdoors. This winter 2012, I have skied in 20 degrees below zero with only summer socks in ski boots. I ski hundreds of kilometers every winter. The first winter without frozen toes and this after a week at Bada Health Centre. THANK YOU!

Bengt, Finland

Nervous Heart:

I have for many years suffered from what my doctor calls a nervous heart. A good friend recommended me to contact Bada Health Center. After 5 treatments with ATM Express and Vibroacoustisc chair, my pain disappeared completely. Now I sleep all night without waking up with a pounding heart.


Panic attacks:

I have lost six years of my life because of panic attacks and the strong medications I have been taking. I had given up hope of ever getting well when I heard that Bada Health Centre healed one of my acquaintances and several others with the same disease.
With my mother’s help I was given an appointment to come and see you. Now I am free from dependence on medications and I have my life back.

Thank you for helping me
Line, 28 years old, Karlstad


Hello! I am sorry that I have not been in contact before now.
I received therapy from you in May of last year for a whole week, it was the best treatment I’ve ever had in all my 26 years with anxiety. And I have tried many treatments of various types, both drugs plus other therapies that have not worked, but you managed to get my body in order and I am overjoyed that my anxiety / panic is gone!

With this letter I wanted to write some good words for happy customers in the website.
Regards Hakan, Taby

Blood clot:

I got a clot in the leg 24 years ago. My foot became almost black and I have been constantly checking with a doctor ever since. After 8-10 treatments in the vibroacoustic chair my foot has gone back to its normal color.

Thanks Bada Health Centre,
Sven-Åke, 53 years old, Hagfors


In 2002 I suffered a stroke in the left hemisphere of my brain. Symptoms included reading and writing difficulties, difficulty speaking and counting, poor memory, concentration problems and a crippling fatigue.

In september 2004, I started getting treatments for these problems at Bada Health Centre.
Already after 8-10 treatments I have noticed a marked improvement in my health and my fatigue has decreased significantly.
My friends and family have also noticed this and have told me that I look so healthy and I feel much healthier.

My allergy to dogs has also gone through the treatment.

Thank you Dan you are priceless and irreplaceable.
Solveig, 58 years old, Torsby

I just want you to know that I have started working part-time.
Thanks Dan
Solveig, 58 years old, Torsby


Burn out! I have tried many forms of therapy over several years. Since September I have been receiving treatment with Dan at Bada Health Center. This along with meditation has initiated a process. It has given me better sleep, clearer thinking, better connection with my feelings, and liberated creativity.

Thanks Dan
Magni, 61 years old, Hamar, Norway


I am a nurse and have been sick for over 2 years due to burnout. I could only sleep two hours at night and was completely gone from the world during the day. I could do nothing. Already after the first treatment at Bada I slept for 8 hours straight. After 5 treatments, I was well again.

Thanks Dan at the Bada Health Centre
Gudrun, 52 years old, Örebro


On a visit to Torsby I got an acute asthma attack. I was treated at Bada Health Centre and after only six minutes of treatment, the attack was completely gone. Amazing!

Thank you very much,
Claes, 33 years old, Gothenburg

Food allergy:

I just want to tell you that Marcus is completely healthy in his stomach. He has no stomach problems any longer and is back to “his old self”. It is wonderful to see him now after all the trouble he had. It has of course meant that my stomach feels good since I no longer have this concern for Marcus.

We now look forward to the pollen season with excitement and hope it will work just as well as the stomach, i.e. effortlessly!
from Marcus and Catherine.

Onion allergy:

My name is Borje and I am 64 years old. In January 1999, I got a severe whiplash after a fall on the stairs. After 11 weeks in hospital, I had very severe neck pain and very poor balance with different types of vertigo so it was almost impossible to do things I had done before. I could barely drive or ride a bike without getting cramps. In the autumn of 2003, I began to be treated with bioresonance of the neck. After 30 days of treatment the neck pain and dizziness were gone. The treatment took place in a sound chair of Stressologen in Götene and the treatment was a pleasant experience.

In autumn 2006, I came into contact with Bada Health Centre who also work with bioresonance and went there for treatment of a onion allergy that I have suffered with for 35 years. The allergy has in recent years become more and more difficult to live with, given today’s recipes! I was treated with ATM Express 6 times and Lanta Z 6 times and then I tried to eat onions. I got no reaction at all. Now I have eaten different kinds of onions in various forms for 12 weeks and have no complaints.

Thanks Bada Health Centre and Stressologen in Götene for a new and better life.
Borje, 64 years old.


My allergies came suddenly in the summer of 1970. I have been treated by school medicine for my pollen allergies and nothing has helped. The only thing that could have helped me was cortisone injections but since cortisone has so many negative side effects on the body, I declined.

My allergies start in March and continue until just after midsummer. I was allergic to birch, alder and hazel pollen and apples and hazelnuts.
The symptoms were a devastating fatigue, itching and burning in the eyes, swollen and red eyes and a runny nose with sneezing and nasal congestion. I also had blisters in the mouth and itching in the ears which could become small blemishes.

Late in the autumn of 2005, I started getting treatment at Bada Health Centre and now in spring 2006, after 6 treatments, I am as spirited as a lark and have not been affected by my previous symptoms at all. This is incomprehensible to me, but absolutely amazing!

Thanks to a new life Dan!
Bridget, 59 years old, Sunne

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