Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy – The Future Of Medicine

Here in Bada our main focus is the body’s energy systems. Every person has an energy system that is unique to that person. We can distinguish one person from another using the measurements of their meridians. The measurement of their meridians give us a snapshot of their health status. We use this to decide which meridians should be addressed and in what order.

The apparatus we use to do this is called ATM express. This device acts as the interface between the therapist and the patient. The patient is connected to the ATM express using six electrodes; two in their hands, two under their feet and two on their forehead. Through these electrodes the measurements and treatments are made. The therapist reads the measurements and selects the treatments using a program on their computer that is also connected to the ATM express.

In just a few minutes of measuring, the computer program on the therapists computer displays a coloured bar graph of each meridian. The measurement of each bar (from 0-100) shows whether it is under-functioning, over-functioning or in balance. The colours of each bar show whether the meridians are experiencing intoxications (parasitic, viral, metabolic, drug induced), a hyperactive vegetative nervous system, functional stress or if there is a normal functional state.

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