Every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body has a specific frequency or wave pattern. All of these wave patterns create fields or an information system in the body, this is called the physiological field pattern. Unfavourable wave and field patterns are caused by pathogenic microorganisms, toxins and so on. Bioswing has an inverse function that is able to influence unfavourable wave and field patterns in a way that normalises the acupuncture node concerned. Acupuncture nodes for all the meridians of the body can be found on the fingers and toes. Using Bioswing we are able to normalise a meridian using one of these acupuncture nodes. In other words, the wave and field patterns of the disturbed cells in the body are weakened or cancelled out by their mirror image. Moreover, empirical research has shown that the physiological field patterm is unaffected due to being exceptionally stable, whereas unfavourable waves are unstable and easy to influence.

In short, the outcome of bioresonance is a normalization of the previously disturbed wave and field patterns in the body (Holimed Operations Manual, 2011).

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